2021 Dahlia Tuber & Plant Sale


Thank you for visiting our shop! Just like last year, due to Covid-19, we will not be having our annual sale in Root Park. The San Leandro Dahlia Society has still been busy growing dahlias and is holding our sale on-line.

How to Shop: We have provided separate menus to shop for dahlias by size, form, color. Just hoover your mouse over the category and a list of selections will be shown click on what you want want to shop for. If you’re not sure what, just click on the ‘Shop – All’ menu. You can also narrow search for a dahlia name by typing a cultivar name or feature like plant or tuber

Our cart operations: Once you find a item you like you can either add to cart or to read the description, see more picture or see enlarged the photo, just click on the photo to go to the product page. You can also add to cart from the product’s description page. The cart hold time, prior to payment checkout, is currently set at 60 min. After which time the item will stay in your cart, but other shoppers will be able to buy it. When you visit your cart, it will let you know if something is sold-out. NOTE: When checking out, the Apartment field is required. Since many people don’t have one, just type X, N/A, or None (just any letter or number will work)

Payment: You will be able to purchase through PayPal with your credit card or PayPal account. Sorry, but due to Covid-19, we feel handling cash or checks is an added contact risk to you and our volunteers.

What you will get: The tubers you order will be labelled and the plants will have the dahlia’s name on garden tags in each pot. Also included with each order will be growing instructions for tuber, plants or both depending on what you order.

IMPORTANT: Please before you pay, it is important to add a Pick-up Time Reservation to your cart. To reserve a pick-up time, you must go to the ‘Pick-up Time Reservation’ menu, select a time and put it in your cart (no cost). Your orders will be ready for pick-up on Saturday, May 1st at the time you selected. If you place a second order, there is no need to put an additional pick-up time in your cart, just write a comment in the ‘Order Note’ section at the bottom of the Check Out Page. We will just bundle both orders of your orders and you can pick-up both at the same time.

How To Get There: The pick-up location in Oakland, near the Oakland Zoo. The pick-up address will be e-mailed to you as a pdf attachment with a copy of your order confirmation. .

Please feel free to share this site with your friends, family and neighbors.

What to know about our sale this year.

Thank you to all of San Leandro Dahlia Society, for continuing to help everyone grow great Dahlias and for sharing their tubers & cuttings for this year’s, Dahlia Tuber & Plant (cuttings) Sale

  • Member’s sales start: Thursday, April 16
  • Public sales start: Thursday, April 22
  • Store closes: Wednesday, April 28
  • Member’s Tuber & plant Drop-off: Friday, April 30
  • Tuber & plant Customer Pick-up: Saturday, May, 1

Special thanks to: Sale Coordinator & inventory: Diane Bond, Staffing Managers: Ellen Muir & Deva Lowenthal Website Administrators: Sue Gregori and Web Services: Ferrell Systems Engineer.

Would you like to learn more about Dahlias?

For more information about Dahlias, San Leandro Dahlia Society, our future shows or tuber and plant sales, visit our website at: http://www.sanleandrodahliasociety.org/

Join us on Facebook at: https://apps.facebook.com/groups/243574223716397/?ref=bookmarks

Visit American Dahlia Society: https://www.dahlia.org/

If you have comments, please leave them below or e-mail Sue Gregori at: gregorisue@gmail.com. I’m not glued to my e-mail, so give me time to reply. If there are lots of questions or you just want to chat about dahlias, maybe leave a phone number and best time to call.

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